Patti Labelle Held at Gunpoint for ‘Patti Pie’ Recipe

“He wanted details too! Gonna ask me what kind of butter I use??? The same kind yo’ mama use …n*gga!” – Ms. Labelle

Singer and one pie selling ass n*gga Patti Labelle after being robbed at gunpoint.

Patti Labelle was robbed at gunpoint for the recipe to her famous ‘Patti Pie’ that made her millions after a video of an overweight gay man praising its goodness went viral.


“She thought because Thanksgiving was over n*ggas wasn’t eating sweet potato pies. Sike! Caught her slipping” – Thief

Patti says she’s willing to let the young man off the hook if he’s willing to be her personal s3x slave and promise to give her some of that young premature ejaculation weenie on a regular.

Will Not Giving Jaden Anymore Money Until He Starts Back Shopping in the Men’s Section

“Will already supports two women. His wife and daughter. So, I can understand why he doesn’t want to add, Another One.” – Dj Khaled

Said Dj Khaled about Will Smith deciding not to financially support his son Jaden Smith until he starts back shopping int he Men’s section.

Will says he will no longer support Jaden Smith until he starts wearing men’s clothing again and also no clothes that Young Thug, Kanye, and the gay n*gga from Empire would wear.

“I dropped Jaden when he was 3. I dropped him and I believe his little wee wee split into a v@gina. That day, because he ain’t been the same since.” – Will Smith


Will Smith insist he has nothing against gay men, but not in his family, ho!

Young Thug Asks Jaden Smith to Be His Valentine

“I know its early and what not, but I wanted to get to him before the line got too long. Be mine?”

Said the “Stoner” rapper about Will Smith’s son on Instagram.

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Young Thug asks Jaden Smith to be his Valentine’s through Instagram even going as far as to tag Will Smith’s son so that he know’s its real.

“I mean he just seem like a cool kid. Honestly I thought about asking Will, but I see Jada got that on lock” – Young Thug


Could Young Thug and Jaden Smith be hip hop’s first gay power couple? Not likely as Jaden Smith is currently wearing women’s clothes and they’d most likely end up fighting over a skirt. Comment below.

Florida Bus Driver Fired for Making White Passengers Sit at Back of the Bus

florida-bus-driver“If it was up to me I would’ve gave the n***a a raise. Not fire him. Always tryna keep a black man down”

Said one young black passenger who enjoyed sitting at the front of the bus for a change. “White folk be on the bus earlier so they always get the good seats.”

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Mr. Flock not pictured (chose not to show his face, because he doesn’t want to be famous) was fired after he was reported over 45 times for asking white patrons to sit at the back of the bus while black people enjoyed the luxury of the spacious front located seats.

“I mean honestly it takes guts to do some shit like this and it broke my heart to fire him, but then I can’t have all the white folks here calling me a n****r lover”


Mr. Flock says he plans to file a wrongful termination lawsuit and thinks white people are “soft”, because of the fact that his people sat at the back of the bus for hundreds of years and white folks can’t tough it out for a month.

Tyga Promises to Only Date Underage Black Girls During Black History Month

“#BlackLivesMatter. Especially during Black History Month.”

Said Tyga when he spoke on what Black History Month means to him.

Rapper Tyga says he promises to only date black underage girls during the month of February to show his love for the black lives matter movement.

“Age ain’t nothing but a number, but being black? Being Black matters.” – Tyga


Tyga says he has already set his Tinder to 18 and under so when he travels there’s not much time between a swipe right and them meeting up for Happy Meals at McDonald’s.

Study Shows 98% of African American Males Would Still F**k Stacey Dash Despite Her Racism

“I mean I get she don’t like her own people and what not, but what that got to do with f**king? Its whatever.” – Participant

Said one participant in the study.

College males age 18-25 were asked if they would still have sex with Stacey Dash even though she doesn’t like black people and the answers were unanimously ‘yes’.

“I mean, I smash fat chicks just because they fed me first. So I’d definitely still hit Stacey despite her not liking the color of my skin” – Male Participant


Another a study showed that absolutely no woman outside of his wife, white, black, green or purple would sleep with Mr. Trump even if they were offered half of his billion dollar net worth.